• Membership Benefits

  • The Eastman-Dodge County Chamber of Commerce provides members with numerous benefits to promote and develop their businesses. Your membership in the Chamber is the best investment you can make for your business.

    Benefits to joining the Chamber include:

    New member spotlight – As a new member, all eyes are on you. You’ll receive a new member presentation, ribbon cutting, newsletter and newspaper publicity, social media blasts and a membership-wide email blast. Take advantage of the free publicity!

    Promote your business – As Dodge County’s official welcome center, we are also the area’s “411,” and who do we refer? Only our Chamber members! You will be heavily promoted as a member of our Chamber.

    Networking – With events like Business After Hours and the annual Chamber banquet, you’ll stay connected with fellow members and business officials all year long.

    Let your voice be heard – As a Chamber member, you are always invited and encouraged to attend our regular board meetings. Get involved, voice your opinions and make a difference.

    Growing strong together – With strong membership, we have a strong Chamber; with a strong Chamber, we have a strong community! Join with us today and let’s grow Dodge County, Georgia together.



    You are invited to become a member of the Eastman-Dodge County Chamber of Commerce. Join Now!

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