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  • Spencer Barron
    Development Authority Chief Financial Officer

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  • Taylor Hall
    Chamber Intern 

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  • Chamber Intern, Taylor Hall, is one of the three newest members on the Chamber team. Miss Hall is currently enrolled at Middle Georgia State University majoring in business. She hopes to one day own her own event planning business. She has been working at the Chamber for two weeks now and absolutely loves the job and enjoys the people who she works with.  

    "It didn't take long for me to love this job. It is a lot of work, but I feel like I'm making a difference in the community." When asked about her supervisor, Mrs. Podesta, Miss Hall stated, "Somer is the best. I couldn't ask for a better supervisor. She's a genuinely good person and her daughter is adorable." Taylor plans to work at the Chamber until she goes off to college to further her business degree. 


  • Somer Podesta
    Operations Manager

  • Native of Northern California, she moved to our quaint little town, Eastman March of 2015, three months pregnant while her husband attended medical school.  They moved here so he could perform his third-year rotations in Eastman with our outstanding local physicians and Eastman quickly became a permanent home for them instead of a temporary one.   While her husband, Tim (better known as Po) was rotating with the doctors, she got to know the medical community very well and now through working at the Development Authority and Chamber, she is getting to know the rest of Eastman's welcoming and supportive community.  Three years later, Dr. Podesta is now is in his residency program at Coliseum in Macon and they are staying with us in Eastman.

    "Our daughter, Ella was delivered here in Dodge County by one of my favorite people ever-Dr. Lou Barker.  (Thanks Dr. B for being so funny and always making feel very cared for at each OB check-up!)  We had no family or friends anywhere near us since everyone was (and is) still in California but we were immediately welcomed into the Eastman community from everyone and we have many cherished friends here and have many Georgia "family members" here now.  Ella has a plethora of 'aunties' and 'uncles' and we have not gone one day without a support system here.  Blessed is an understatement for our life here in Eastman.

    Ella goes to Lolly's and she LOVES it there.  She is two now and she has so much fun there and I treasure all the arts and crafts she brings home, they melt her mama's heart--my office at the chamber is filled with her Lolly's art work.  There are many times I say, "We can't take credit for that, that was all Lolly's." She has blossomed since attending Lolly's and we can't wait to see her continue to grow there!

    I have my BS in Business Management and have managed various types of offices from a small mom and pop business to a law firm (as well as having dabbled in being a flight attendant and was a bartender in Chico and Los Angeles in my younger years).  I love administrative work and prefer to be behind the scenes completing tasks.  I have been working at the Chamber and Development Authority since January this year and have enjoyed every minute of it.  Every board member and chamber member has been incredibly welcoming and gracious to me and I look forward to coming into work every day and love the type of work that needs to be done here.  There is NEVER a slow day where I have nothing to do-and that is the speed I prefer when I am at work.  

    I am looking forward to getting to know as many people as I can in our community, please stop by the chamber any time to say hi and chat with me!"

    Mrs. Podesta is a huge asset to the Chamber and Development Authority team and has immensely helped Mr. Charles successfully get the Chamber closer to the goals we're trying to achieve.

  • Josie Spivey
    Chamber Apprentice

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  • Chamber Apprentice, Josie Spivey, is another new member of the Chamber.  Upon graduating from DCHS, Josie plans to attend Middle Georgia university for a year then transfer to Georgia southern. she enjoys working at the chamber because she loves to meet new people in her community,she likes talking to people and helping them. "i have always been a social butterfly so talking to people is not a problem for me". she especially likes the people she works with. Josie plans to work at the chamber until she moves away for college.

  • Danisha Walker
    Chamber Intern

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  • Chamber Intern, Danisha Walker, is the final new member of the Chamber. Danisha recently graduated DCHS and was awarded an internship with the Chamber through Georgia Power. Miss Walker will be attending the University of Georgia in the Spring where she will major in biology and minor in business communications while attending UGA. She then plans to attend the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta Ga. She hopes to one day open her own doctors office right here in Eastman, Ga. 

  • Charles Williams
    Chamber President, Development Authority Executive Director

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